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How To Use Video Marketing To Sell Wholesale Shoes

If you are familiar with the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words, you can definitely understand how a video can be worth a thousand pictures. Video can be the most powerful tool for selling wholesale shoes to your customers.

Taking a video of your brand name shoes allows your customers to see what you actually have in stock on your boutique’s shelves, and also allows them to see how beautiful your BCBG party shoes actually look.

A video can also help customers feel more comfortable since they can see you as a real person, and will have an opportunity to view the actual look of your designer showroom. Just think how important that is to a wholesale buyer travelling from Africa to the New York Fashion District. By watching your presentation they will have a good idea of what to expect, and why they should definitely visit you before they venture to your competitors.

You can use video to demonstrate to your customers how nice a pair of Calvin Klein dress shoes would look on their feet by videoing a model wearing them. Here is a quick tip, always use a life like model that actually looks like your customers. If you want this strategy to be really effective, I would recommend that you have your model dress up in the type of clothing that your customers wear. For example, if your customer is a professional woman working in Kenya, you should consider having her wear a Tahari suit for the video. It goes without saying that the closer the model resembles your ideal shopper, the more realistic your marketing message will be.

A quick point here, women have an ideal image of what they want to look like, which can be a good reason for using a beautiful woman in your production, just keep it all realistic.

Demonstrating the shoes in a real life action shoot is even more important when you are introducing a new brand or style that your customers are not familiar with. Imagine that you have an online boutique catering to women in Trinidad and Tobago, and you are looking to carry Jessica Simpson flats in your shoe section, instead of trying to convince shoppers of the great style that goes into her products, you can have a video showing real people wearing her shoes.

One of the biggest challenges when selling shoes to international markets is introducing a new brand or style that is unfamiliar to the local market. Although Lucky Brand might be an extremely popular brand in the United States, it might not be known in Botswana. But by allowing shoppers to see an actual commercial for Lucky Brand you can allow them to see what a great brand it is.

You can also use video to dramatize the merchandise that you carry in your shop. You can use sweeping angles to quickly zoom in and zoom out across the footwear section. The videos can then be edited for maximum effect by adding in exciting music and graphics which will highlight the image that you are looking to convey to your clients.

You can also use humor in your videos, especially if you are producing an advertisement to sell your closeout shoes. The funnier your video is, the more often it will be mentioned by others, and shared through online forums such as Facebook and YouTube.

Before we move on, I would strongly encourage you to post your videos on Facebook and YouTube, so that you can take advantage of the viral nature of the Internet. Facebook users can click the Like button or the Share button, which will make the videos appear in their friend’s feeds, which in turn will give you further marketing exposure. The more marketing exposure you receive, the more of a chance that you will attract new shoe buyers to your business.

Having a video on YouTube is a great move since viewers that enjoy it can repost it on their websites, giving you even more exposure to people looking to shop for shoes. In addition, YouTube works like a search engine, in that visitors search for certain keywords and see a listing of videos that contain those terms in their descriptions. So if you want to showcase your overstock shoes, make sure that you use as many accurate keywords that describe the contents of your video.

I would suggest that you make separate videos for each category of shoes that you are marketing. If you carry both casual and dressy footwear, you will want to have two different videos, since each category appeals to a different type of buyer.

Another important benefit of video marketing is that it is easier to use to present video evidence than by simply offering it as text. Imagine a Nigerian banker visiting your footwear website, which option do you think she will have more time for, reading a long paragraph listing the benefits of your fashionable shoes, or watching a quick video demonstrating what you have in real live action?

Clearly, a video can convey more selling points in an efficient manner. Having said this, you should still use text since people enjoy reading, and I believe retain more information based on what they have read than as compared to what they have watched. The reason being that if they put in effort to read about the great Coach shoe selection that you have, they will remember it later since they spent time reading the product information on your catalogue or website.

If you are going to use video to sell shoes, you need to keep the following in mind. People might not be that focused so they can easily miss out a detail if the narrator speaks quickly. It is for this reason that the narrator should speak slowly, and repeat the key points so that they are picked up by the viewer.

One last point which is perhaps the most crucial one is that your primary intention is to sell more wholesale shoes. Make sure that everything in your video is aimed at either producing a sale, or persuading a shopper to visit your shop.